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“I am most impressed with the service I received this year from Tommasino CPA & Associates. As I, myself, used to prepare taxes, I’m much fussier than the regular client. After having really bad experience with my previous tax accountant, I found it such a pleasure to deal with this Company. Everything  here  is very well organized.

At my first interview with the tax accountant, I was impressed that Mr. Louis Tommasino found time to come in and introduce himself to me. The tax accountant completed everything in a timely manner and there were no errors. The one question I had was immediately answered via email. Then the tax return, once completed, was sent on to the administrative staff who were truly most helpful.

Mr. Tommasino made it his business to meet with me again when I came in to pick up my completed tax returns. Each employee at Tommasino CPA & Associates has his or her own expertise and each one was only too happy to give me information or help  me if I needed it, via telephone, email or in person. Everything was made as easy as possible for me.

I am truly happy that I found this Company and can recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who is looking for a tax accountant.”

Celia Fine
La Jolla, California



“Working with Louis Tommasino as our tax accountant over the past 15+ years has provided us with peace of mind. The firm is professional and friendly, and they have always been quick to address any issues that have arisen with the IRS. The introduction of the E-Organizer several years ago has significantly streamlined our end of year tax preparation. The E-Organizer is sent straight to the firm so that they have a chance to review the information prior to our appointment. Unless there are new circumstances in any given year, it is a quick, easy and painless process. My husband and I truly appreciate the great service we have received and recommend that others contact Louis Tommasino for their tax needs.”

John and Lisa Thompson
San Diego, California




"It has been my pleasure and good fortune to have Louis Tommasino, CPA, as my accountant for the past fifteen years. As a self-employed physician with a difficult tax problem, I found Louis to be diligent, resourceful, and tenacious. He possesses a sharp acumen regarding accounting practices, which enabled him to converse with mid-level IRS managers in an effort to solve my tax problems. Furthermore, it was his expert knowledge of Offer in Compromise that allowed me to come to an equitable agreement to satisfy the IRS.

Because of Louis Tommasino and his efforts on my behalf, I can now enjoy freedom from burdensome tax worries which seemed insurmountable to me for several years. Louis will always be my lifelong friend and accountant. He is a professional person to be admired, and it is my pleasure to recommend him as an honest and capable accountant."

Dr. M. Dale Parry, D.O.
Kingman, AZ




"We were referred to Louis Tommasino's firm by our estate attorney. We were in dire need of tax related guidance regarding the estate administration process. Because of the nature of the trust, we were also in need of a qualified co-executor of our portion of the trust. After our first meeting with Louis, both my wife and I breathed a collective sigh of relief and knew that we were in very competent hands.


When we had our taxes done the following month, we were very impressed with his intimate and detailed knowledge of the tax code. He found several flaws our previous tax preparer had made, corrected them, and saved us a good deal of money. Louis is very professional, yet very easy to work with. He really listens! He has given us a great peace of mind."

Mark & Lisa Doliva
San Clemente, CA



Louis Tommasino is not only my personal Accountant, but for the last several years he has graciously taken time from his clients to come speak to my class of business students at the Art Institute of California in San Diego on the importance of having good professional advisors as part of their new careers. The students are in a 3-year program result in a BS degree in Audio Production and are likely to start their own businesses.


The assistance provided by Louis in his presentation, its focus on the financial structure of any business, is something I wish I had when I started my business. I have deep appreciation to Louis for his time and efforts over the last years helping some 400 students to get a strong start to their careers and the businesses they establish to support themselves.

Michael Jones, Instructor, Art Institute of California at San Diego



"In 1986, I called on the tax and accounting services of Louis Tommasino CPA to solve issues that was slowing the progress of my medical supplies company and consuming my time. When audited, I was taken by surprise and needed a professional to right size my books while I continued to grow and establish a client base.


Soon after Louis began representing my business, the compliance issues were solved and my books were back in order, my business able to move forward and grow. Honest and dependable, Louis has always been there for me and my company. I recommend his service to individuals and businesses alike."

Christie Freiday, Owner
Stat Medical Supplies




"Louis has helped me through several challenges during the 13 years we done business together: dissolution of a partnership; start-up of a C-Corp, public agency audits, works comp audits and State Franchise Tax Board audits. LTCPA worked with us to a successful outcome in each incident. He keeps on top of where businesses' need to be focused.


A smart, caring, service oriented CPA, I would recommend Louis Tommasino to businesses who want a hands-on CPA to guide them in all things related to cash flow, projections, taxes and general accounting."


Marlee Ehrenfeld, Owner
MJE Marketing Services



I just wanted to say thank you for the internship this summer enjoying the opportunity and the challenges that were provided to me. I learned so much about managing people, the intricacies of safe-guarding yourself, the care and attention that has to be taken on legal and accounting matters, how to prepare tax returns and financial documents, how to format my memos, and use appropriate language. In fact, I learned that appropriate language can be a $100,000 safeguard!! These are skills that aren't taught in school and will assist me in my career in accounting. I value greatly the opportunity to work with you.

Matt Welsh, Intern
Louis Tommasino CPA & Associates
Cal State Fullerton, Accounting and Finance Major