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Frustrated With Your CPA?

Many small business owners are and we have heard the following over the years:

My CPA -

  • is not proactive
  • does not value me as a client
  • does not provide business advisory services
  • does not communicate with me effectively
  • does not connect me to other professionals
  • does not understand my business or industry
  • does not help me understand my financial statements


Does this sound familiar? If so welcome – you have come to the right place!

At Louis Tommasino, CPA & Associates, we have listened to our clients and have made a client-centric, proactive, holistic, and collaborative service part of our brand.

  • Our mission is to help you define and achieve success, reduce your stress levels and reclaim peace of mind.
  • We take pride in understanding our clients, their business, and their industry.
  • Our goal is to deliver value and earn your trust with every communication.
  • Your most valuable business asset is the quality and depth of the relationships you develop.
  • We measure our success as a firm by the success our clients achieve.


Are you ready for a change?  If you are, call Louis Tommasino, CPA & Associates at (858) 623-0336 for a free consultation and an end to your “CPA Frustration”!


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