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About Our Firm

The Louis Tommasino CPA & Associates Difference

Many CPA firms find it difficult to differentiate themselves and struggle to answer the question, “why should I do business with your firm?” We don’t. You’ll find our firm is unique in the way we do business.

This is our brand and what you can expect from us.

  • Our mission is help you define and achieve your business goals, and partner in your success.
  • Our approach to client service is proactive, client-centric, holistic and collaborative.
  • We aim to help you make better business decisions.
  • Your problems become our problems.
  • We look for every opportunity to help you save money, increase revenue and minimize risk.
  • We challenge the status quo in pursuit of a better way for you to operate.
  • We will connect you to the top professional service firms our community has to offer if we can’t perform the services you need.
  • We will connect you to a potential vendor, supplier or customer within our client base when appropriate.
  • We will make every attempt to understand you, your business and your industry the best we can.
  • We will assume the role of quarterback of a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach to solving or preventing a problem.
  • We will help you plan an exit strategy from your business.
  • We will communicate with you and share knowledge on a regular basis.
  • We measure our success by the success you enjoy.
  • You will always feel valued as a client of our firm.


If you are not receiving this commitment and level of service from your current CPA, we welcome your call for a free consultation.


Our Growing Industry Representation

We serve numerous industries helping each client make better business decisions. We look for every opportunity to help you save money, increase revenue, and minimize risk in pursuit of a better way for you to operate your business.

Physicians, Dentist and Healthcare Professionals
Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors
Entertainment and Talent Managers

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical
Real Estate Commercial and Residential